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Landscape Luncheon Plate - The Gorgeous Golan Heights

Landscape Luncheon Plate - The Gorgeous Golan Heights

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This handpainted plate was inspired by the breathtaking views of the mountains and fields in Israel's north, and was hand-shaped from clay hewn from the earth of the Holy Land, and has added 22k gold accents and a symbol of Israel's unique preciousness. It's a great example of functional art inspired by the magnificence and abundance of the world which God created for our benefit.

I find this to be such a convenient size for so many things—I use it to plate a light meal or appetizer, or serving plate for cookies or grapes, or cherries.

As original art, It can also be displayed with other plates in this series, on a stand or a plate hanger. 


• Food safe
• Hand wash with care
• 19 cm (7.5 in)
(Dinner plate pictured under featured plate is available 

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