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The Deep Blues of the Red Sea Passover Seder Plate Set

The Deep Blues of the Red Sea Passover Seder Plate Set

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"Deep Blues of the Red Sea" is #5/18 of the Collection* 

A palette of five different glazes produce varied, rich tones of midnight blue, dark teal, cerulean blue, bottle green applied using a multiple techniques including dippping, pouring, splattering, and trailing. Inspired by the stunning blue-greens of the Red Sea that God split so the Jewish people could escape Pharaoh's chariots.

*The 18 unique seder plates in this collection were made from an impression I took of the iconic manhole covers that dot the streets of Jerusalem. The name of the collection, Next Year in Jerusalem, was inspired by the official emblem of the City of Jerusalem emblazoned in the iron of the stunning cover. 

Tray 34 cm (13.5") with 6 small dishes forthe special seder plate foods, bitter herbs, charoset, shank bone, egg, root vegetable and parsley or lettuce.

• Food safe
• Hand wash with care

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