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Tree of Life Sculptural Passover Seder Plate Set

Tree of Life Sculptural Passover Seder Plate Set

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This one-of-a-kind example of functional art is actually made from clay hewn from the desert in which the Israelites wandered after crossing the Red Sea.

Hand shaped in organic lines of marbled white and terracotta clays from the Negev Desert, I chose to glaze it in my favorite translucent turquoise glaze, inspired by the Red Sea, also called the Sea of Reeds, that the soon-to-be-born nation crossed after leaving Egypt. It has 22 karat gold hand-painted accents as a symbol of the preciousness of freedom and of the Torah they are about to receive.

This makes a beautiful, useful and meaningful wedding present, or a special gift to yourself, destined to become a cherished family heirloom.

If you look closely, the Seder plate seems to reveal a kind of serendipitous Rorschach test —I see an image in the marbled clay of the Seder plate. What do you see?

The set includes
• Seder plate  34
• 6 unique dishes for the items on the Seder plate (bitter herbs, charoset, shank bone, egg, root vegetable, and parsley or lettuce).
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