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Sea of Galilee Inspired Drop Earrings with Gold and Crystal •

Sea of Galilee Inspired Drop Earrings with Gold and Crystal •

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The hand painting on these round drop earrings was inspired by the blue, green and sienna yellows, sand, and ochre of the beach near the Sea of Galilee, where date palms heavy with fruit can be seen everywhere.

They are made from the clay of Israel's sacred ground in contoured, organic lines, to emphasize the richness and variety of Israel's landscapes. Their earthy quality is complemented by added 14-karat gold-filled and pink crystal beads for added elegance, as a counterpart to the natural earthiness.

When you wear jewelry made out of the physical land of Israel, The Holy Land is with you everywhere you go, along with the spiritual sparks embedded within the clay.

About My Jewelry
The utmost care has been taken in creating these earrings.

Due to the handmade nature of my work, you will find each piece is organically shaped, and no two are the same. This, I believe, is the essential beauty of handmade work. Earrings are similar, but not identical—you will find slight differences in size and shape—and even surface decoration.

I use fine 14k gold-filled findings in all my jewelry. I often add a bead or two of gold, pearl, crystal or natural and semi-precious stone for added elegance and distinction.

• 5 cm drop including ear wire

• 22-karat hand-painted gold accents, 14k gold-filled findings, crystal beads

• Handmade with love


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