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RESERVED UNTIL NOV. 9 - Hand-Built Menorah | 22k Gold Accents | Made in Israel

RESERVED UNTIL NOV. 9 - Hand-Built Menorah | 22k Gold Accents | Made in Israel

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NOTE: This menorah is on reserve for a customer until midnight Nov. 9. EST.
MENORAH AS ART, OR ART AS MENORAH? However you choose to look at it, this one-of-a-kind menorah is a perfect example of functional art for use each year on Chanukah, and all year-long when displayed as Jewish art.

In designing this menorah I wanted to evoke its ancient beginnings, as well as give it a contemporary feel. I hand-shaped it in organic lines and left some exposed clay as a visual reference to the Second Temple period. I used a contemporary approach to the surface design to reflect its relevancy and use to this very day.

It is glazed in asymmetrical waves in shades of greens, blues, and teals, with earth tones and burgundy accents. The 9 candle holders, which can accommodate either candles or glass vials for olive oil, are generously decorated in 22K gold luster that is fired on after the bisque and glaze firings.

This is a gift that will be treasured for years to come, whether you give it to yourself, or to someone lucky enough to receive it as a wedding gift, or for any simcha or occasion that calls for something special.

Additional details and information:
31w x 12H x 6D cm (12 x 4.5 x 2.5 in). Handwashing is recommended. Signed by the artist (that's me).


WHY I DO WHAT I DO: Making and using functional art is something I am passionate about because I believe that when art is combined with the things we use in everyday life, both are elevated to a kind of sacred celebration of life, and pay homage to this magnificent world God created.

Functional Art. It's a Beautiful Thing.
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