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Queen Esther Hamsa

Queen Esther Hamsa

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This one of a kind painting of Queen Esther, one of the greatest Jewish heroines of the Bible, is painted and glazed with pigmented underglaze and accented with 22 karat gold kiln fired accents. The hamsa, a symbol of protection and peace is hand made from the clay of The Holy Land.

She is the star of my series, "Jewish Women Heroes". Here's why:

Queen Esther is revered as one of the most courageous Jewish heroines of the Bible. Her beauty was said to be unmatched in all of Persia, winning her the favor of the Persian King Ahasuerus and elevating her to the role of queen. When a royal decree was issued to massacre all Jews in the kingdom, Esther showed immense bravery and selflessness by approaching the king, unsummoned, to plead for the lives of her people. Though it endangered her life, Esther revealed her Jewish identity and told the king of the plot against her people, orchestrated by the wicked Haman. Her faithfulness led the king to reverse the decree and allow the Jews to defend themselves, saving her people from destruction. Esther's willingness to sacrifice herself for the salvation of the Jewish people established her as a paragon of bravery and devotion. Her legacy as a savior of Jews lives on through the celebration of Purim, commemorating this biblical heroine.

• 22 karat gold accents
• 10 x 19 cm

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