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Kabbalah of Chanukah Menorah

Kabbalah of Chanukah Menorah

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Hand built menorah in organic lines, made from clay hewn in the Land of Israel, this menorah is glazed in a combination of elemental glazes including midnight blue, turquoise, amarylis, and emerald green using a variety of application techniques, such as dipping, pouring, splatter, brushing. I even applied glaze using a turkey baster! 

After firing at 1187 degrees celsius for 22 hours, I added mother of peal luster, and 22 karat gold accents and fired it for a third  and final time. 

It is truly one of a kind. Even if I wanted to I couldn't duplicate it exactly. 

It bears the signature of the artist next to a tiny gold heart, as a symbol of my love for the Land of Israel.

Length: 25 cm

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