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Hand-painted | Ceramic Mugs | Seven Species | Inspired by Israel

Hand-painted | Ceramic Mugs | Seven Species | Inspired by Israel

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These one-of-a-kind mugs (listing is for the pair) were not just inspired by the incredible beauty of the Land of Israel—they were actually made of it. Literally.

In addition to pomegranate mug, I’m also making mugs with figs, dates, grapes, olives, as well as wheat, and barley. When ordering please specify which fruit you would like on the mug!


Lovingly handbuilt of clay hewn from Israel’s earth (specifically, the Negev Desert), these oversize mugs were painted in a watercolor style using underglazes, and glaze fired with transparent glaze to be food safe. They are accented with 22K gold baked on in the kiln, as a symbol of the gold used in the Holy Temple in ancient Jerusalem.

Like everything in my shop, the mugs pictured here are hand-built and hand-painted. No two items I make are ever identical, but they are the same basic size and shape are have the same basic surface decoration and glazing.

When the things we use in everyday life are inspired by the magnificent world God created, having a cup of tea can be a sacred celebration of life.

Height: 12.5 cm

Diameter: 8 cm

Capacity: 16 oz.

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