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Chanukah Days and Nights in Jerusalem Menorah

Chanukah Days and Nights in Jerusalem Menorah

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This menorah is made from clay hewn in the Land of Israel and has a beautiful watercolor style original painting on each side—one side depicts Jerusalem at night blanketed with midnight blue with the sparkling lights of the city. The other shows a painting of the kotel (Western Wall) in soft hues of cream, pink and ochre, with the menorah displayed in front of it, as it is in real life on Chanukah. 

The stones of the ancient wall have bronze metalic luster, and a mother of pearl finish. It is finished with handpainted 22 karat gold kiln fired accents, and has a tiny gold heart next to the artist's original signature as a symbol of her love for the holy city

It is truly one of a kind functional art, destined to become a treasured family heirloom. 

This menorah will add joy and light to your home each year on Chanukah, as well as adding beauty and culture to it  year round when displayed as the exceptional piece of functional art it was created to be. 

25 x 10 x 2 cm

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