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Bereshit Kiddush Cup Set

Bereshit Kiddush Cup Set

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This elegant kiddush set is inspired by the biblical account of the story of creation (Genesis 1-4), and  beautifully hand crafted in organic lines from the clay of the Land of Israel. 

The abstract design with rich layers of color is an homage to the incredible beauty of the world which God created—deep blues for the velvet night sky, turquoise and teal for the waters, shades of green of the trees, plants, and grass, yellows for the sun, moon, and stars, and oranges and reds to represent the vitality of life.

It features 22 karat gold hand painted accents as a sign of the beauty and preciousness of the world God created. 

It will elevate your table every Shabbat, and as a signed piece of original functional art it will become a treasured family heirloom.

Available as:
• Kiddush Cup with 10 cm Plate $275
• Kiddush Cup with 10 cm Plate and 8 cuppies $425
• Kiddush Cup set with large 30 cm Tray and 8 cuppies $525


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