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Abundance of Israel Pomegranate Candlesticks

Abundance of Israel Pomegranate Candlesticks

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These candlesticks, made of the clay of the Holy Land, were inspired by the beautiful and plentiful pomegranate trees that are found throughםוt Israel, from the Hills of Jerusalem to the Galilee, the Carmel mountains and the Golan Heights.  

Just as no two trees are identical, no two candlesticks in this collection are exactly the same. I painted the orchard-scape, if you will, using the grouped candlesticks as a single canvas. 

They work well both as a classic pair of candlesticks of the same height, as well as in  groupings of 3,5, 7 or more in varied heights that give the feeling of an abundant pomegranate orchard 

They have hand painted 22 karat gold accents as a symbol of the unique preciousness of the Land of Israel.

They fit a paraffin bulb, the glass insert for candles or olive oil, and standard candles and tapers. 

• Hand wash with care when needed. 
• Remove wax with hot water

Tall 23 cm
Medium 20 cm
Small 17 cm

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