A note about handmade ceramic art

The utmost care has been taken in creating a unique work of functional art with love, care, and attention to detail. As with all handmade work, no two items are exactly the same, including earrings, of which each pair is a similar size, shape and color, yet not identical. 

The item pictured in a listing is one of a small batch that was made, painted and fired together. Even so, they are not identical. You could say they are more like sisters, than twins. 


We carefully and securely package all items for shipping. Nevertheless, occasionally an item will be damaged in transit. Rest assured, items that arrive damaged will be replaced. Just send a picture of the item to ceort@kiyorstudio.com. Because we make one-of-kind, small-batch ceramic art, if a replacement item is not available from the same batch, we will replace it with a similar item, in consultation with you, the customer. 


Worldwide shipping is always free for Kiyor VIPs, via Israel Post Registered Airmail.  

Generally orders are shipped out in 3-4 weeks. We always do our best to ship things as quickly as possible. Shipping times on custom orders are determined on an individual basis when the order is being placed.

Certificate of Authenticity

All items come with a Certificate of Authenticity certifying that accompanying item is a genuine, original work of art-on-clay by CE Ort, and including the details of production method and materials used. Both the certificate and the item bear the original true signature of the artist.