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Abundance of Israel Cozy Cups

Abundance of Israel Cozy Cups

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What is a "Cozy Cup"®?

I designed "The Cozy Cup"® because handles on mugs tend to break 😕 (especially in shipping). Instead of the handle there is a ledge at the top to hold a hot drink, without the need for a handle. 

This limited-edition collection celebrates the extraordinary bounty and beauty of the seven special species that God blessed the Land of Israel with—grapes, figs, dates, pomegranates, olives, wheat and barley. It is being release just in time for Tu b'Shvat, the new year for trees on the 15h of the Hebrew month of Shvat  

Wrap your hands around these oversized handle-less mugs on a cold winter day, with your favorite tea, coffee, or even hot cocoa with marshmallows.

Buy the complete set, or individually.

Food safe
12 oz (350 ml) capacity

$750 for the set of seven
$150 for one
$100 for each additional
(Please specify at check out: grapes, figs, dates, pomegranates, olives, wheat of barley)

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