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Seder Plate - Miriam's Song

Seder Plate - Miriam's Song

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This Seder plate is made from white and terracotta clays hewn in the Land of Israel— where the Israelite nation wandered on their journey to Mount Sinai after crossing the Red Sea.

When marbling the clay together for items in Kiyor's Negev Collection, the patterns that emerge 'by chance' are often exquisite. Many times I see images in the clay, much the same as people often see images in the clouds that resemble people or things. 

The moment I rolled out the clay for this Seder plate I saw something that took my breath away— and delighted me! The image of a lady dancing with a round object in her hands. True story.

As is well known, Miriam the prophetess led the women in singing and dancing with tambourines as they prepared to cross the Sea of Reeds! 

"Miriam the prophetess … took the tambourine in her hand; and all the women followed her with tambourines and dances. And Miriam called to them: “Sing to G-d….”
                                                   —Exodus 15:20-21

This set includes:
• Large Seder plate 86 cm / 34"
• 6 unique dishes for the items on the seder plate (maror, charoset, zeroa, beitzah, carpas, and chazeret).

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