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Mystical Sky Set of 3 Plates

Mystical Sky Set of 3 Plates

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This set of organically shaped ring dishes were inspired  by the shabbat night sky's mystical energy. 

The 3 plates were hand shaped from the clay of the Land of Israel, using common colors, materials, and processes, yet each is unique.  This is one of the deep teachings I have learned from my ceramics practice.

Unity gives strength and purpose to our common values and goals, but we have to be careful not to sacrifice our unique beauty for the sake of fitting in. When we dedicate our God-given talents and to a united mission, we enhance it with diversity. 

These "Lessons for Life from a Lump of Clay" are my most powerful teacher, and give me the opportunity to practice and hopefully master those sacred truths I have learned from Torah and my holy teachers. 


• 12 cm
• Food safe
• Signed by the artist

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