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Large statement bowl with gold and mother-of-pearl

Large statement bowl with gold and mother-of-pearl

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This bowl makes a stunning statement centerpiece for display, or an excellent salad bowl. 

It was formed by draping a rolled-out slab of clay into a bowl whose circumference is slightly smaller than the slab, which results in the beautiful folds and waves. It is glazed in tones of celadon, tin white, and plum, and accented in 22K gold accents and mother-of-pearl luster.

I love this bowl, because it is a physical example of one of the most empowering laws of the mechanics of the universe—contrasting and even opposite realities can exist simultaneously if we allow them to.

This bowl is made of clay that has been hardened in a kiln of 1200 degrees celsius. But the graceful folds that were formed from the soft clay are also part of its reality, much as one can great sadness over a loss, and great awareness and joy of a blessing in the same moment.

33 x 32 x 12-13 cm
Hand wash with care

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