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Carmel Forest Landscape Bowls


This set of 3 organically shaped bowls was inspired by the lush green landscapes of the Carmel Forest, in Israel's north. 

They are a perfect size for so many things! I use them for humous, babaganoush, olives, or matbucha, or, for nuts, candies, or even jewelry,

The clay bodies were formed by allowing the clay to fall in natural lines, creating a unique, graceful yet dynamic shape.

After hand-shaping the clay body, I dipped and dripped 4 different glazes to achieve a serendipitous effect. 

Glazing in this method is an act of acceptance and faith. Glazes, like life, are unpredictable. I do my best to plan, test combinations, and apply glaze carefully. Nevertheless, the result is almost always surprising, and often happily so

• Diameter: 9-10 cm

• Capacity:  200 ml

• Food safe for unheated food