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If I forget Thee, O Jerusalem - Wall Art Installation


This one-of-a-kind custom piece is suitable for either indoor or outdoor installation.

Its design was inspired by the ancient stones of the Kotel (Western Wall), the last remaining remnant of the Second Temple in Jerusalem, which was destroyed by the Romans, in 69 CE, after a lengthy siege.

Remembering Jerusalem, and praying for the rebuilding of the third and final Temple, at which time the world and human kind will embark on a new era of love, peace and kindness, is something has been the central theme of Jewish prayer for 2000 years. 

It is in remembrance of the destruction of the Temple that a cup is broken at the conclusion of a Jewish wedding cermony, emphasizing that even in times of the greatest joy, we cannot forget our greatest national sorrow.

Many people have the custom of displaying the words of Psalm 137, "If I forget Thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand wither. 

This 11-piece remembrance hand-shaped and carved make a beautiful and meaningful ceramic exterior or interior installation.

Upon request it can also be cusotm mounted on wood, acryllic or another substrate. For details please email me at

45 x 55 cm