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Embossed Pomegranate Luncheon Plate

Embossed Pomegranate Luncheon Plate

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Handmade in organic lines, this plate is a perfect example of functional art!—it can be used for display, for serving, or both.

I picked pomegranate leaves and collected young pomegranate from a tree just around the corner from my Jerusalem studio. You can just imagine yourself walking down this charming path, basking in the beauty of this Holy Land.

Once back in the studio, I laid them on a rolled-out piece of clay and then gently used a rolling pin to emboss the leaves.

I pressed the pomegranates into the clay by rolling them softly into the slab. 

After bisque firing, painting, and glaze firing, I handpainted 22 karat gold accents before. firing it a third time. I love using the gold because it symbolizes the preciousness of the Land of Israel. 

Pomegranates are one of the seven special species that the Bible mentions are found in Israel.

• 21 cm
• Food safe
• Hand wash with care

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