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Drop of Gold Ceramic Earrings

Drop of Gold Ceramic Earrings

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The landscape and colors of Masada inspired these slightly asymmetrical earrings that are hand-shaped from the finest Israeli clay.

I blended pink and white clays together for a marbled effect and hand-shaped them into medium-sized ovals before bisque firing. I chose a clear glaze to maintain the colors of the natural clay before applying 22k gold luster accents and firing for a third and final time.

As a final touch, I added two small beads, a gold, and a natural stone one for added elegance and distinction.

All my jewelry is made using fine 14k gold filled ear wires and findings and beads of genuine gold, pearl, crystal or natural and semi-precious stone for a truly standout piece that serves as a fitting homage to the preciousness of the Holy Land.
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