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Abundantly Israel Sculptural Tea Cups & Dessert Plate Set


This set of 7 sculptural teacups and saucers is functional art at its best! Each one is hand-shaped from the clay of the Land of Israel, and used as a canvas for an original painting of one of the seven species of Israel mentioned in the Bible —grapes, pomegranates, dates, figs, olives, wheat and barley. 

At the base of each handle, is a sculptured grape, pomegranate, date, fig, olive, or stalks of wheat and barley, accented in 22 karat gold.

These are shaped like teacups but have the feel of a mug, so they don't need a saucer. The small plates can be used as a saucer, or as a dessert plate. I specifically made them without an indentation for the cup, to make the set more versatile.

Each one is signed by the artist (that's me). 

• Food safe
• Hand wash with care