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Abundantly Israel Mugs / Figs Trees in Forest / Set of 2


Drink in Israel with your morning tea or coffee. 

This set of handmade mugs is formed from clay hewn in the land of Israel. After slowly drying and bisque firing, they serve as a perfect canvas for a handpainted landscape tableau of a fig tree in one of Israel's lush forests,  in hues of forest green, sky blue, luscious deep purple and many shades of green. I added a sweet wooden bench under one of the trees, so you can imagine yourself stopping to rest in the shade. 

After glaze firing, I hand paint them with 22 karat gold accents and fire them a third time. 

Figs are one of the seven special species of the Land of Israel mentioned in the Bible. These mugs are also available with original paintings of the other species, namely dates, pomegranates, olives, grape, wheat and barley. 

They are generously proportioned, and comfortable to hold. 

Each set is an original painting on clay.  The one pictured here may be sold, but if you order it, I will paint a very similar tableau on your set! You can even order custom elements. Email me if you are interested in personalizing your mugs!


• 12 oz 
• Food safe
• Hand wash