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Abstract glazed seascape bowls / Set of 2

Abstract glazed seascape bowls / Set of 2

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Currently out-of-stock, these can be custom ordered. Whatsapp message me to +972524495858   or email

These bowls are a perfect size for so many things! I use them for humous, babaganoush, olives, or matbucha, or, for nuts, candies, or even jewelry,

The Mediterranean coast was the inspiration for the abstract glazed seascape. It was formed by allowing the clay to fall in natural lines, creating a graceful yet dynamic shape that is unique.

After hand-shaping the clay body, I dipped, dripped and layered 4 different glazes to achieve a serendipitous effect. 

Glazing in this method is an act of acceptance and faith. Glazes, like life, are unpredictable. I do my best to plan, test combinations, and apply glaze carefully. Nevertheless, the result is almost always surprising, and often happily so

• This listing is for a set of 2 bowls
• Diameter: 13 cm (5")
• Capacity:  250 ml
• Food safe

Note: This set is sold, but if you like it, I make a similar one for you. Message me!

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