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Periwinkle Bereshit Kiddush Cup and Tray

Periwinkle Bereshit Kiddush Cup and Tray

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This one is hard for me to part with. The glazing on this one-of-a-kind hand made set is extraordinary. Glazing is an art that is unpredictable, so even if use the same glazes and the same technique, on the same clay, it can come out differently. 

Inspired by the description of creation in chapter one of Genesis of the Old Testament, I layered 5 glazes— periwinkle, grass green, forest green, sienna yellow, and pomegranate.

I hand-painted 22k karat gold accents as a symbol of the preciousness of the Bible and the Land of Israel.

This unique work of art will elevate your Shabbat table, or make a memorable wedding gift that will be used week after week by the lucky couple who receives it.  It is destined to become a treasured family heirloom, and valued collector's piece.

• Food safe
• Hand wash with care
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